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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Service

Improve your equipment's performance with hydraulic cylinder repair and custom-built cylinders from our company in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania. At Specialty Machine & Hydraulic Inc, we do only what is necessary to restart your faulty equipment due to cylinder problems. Our specialties include:

Hydraulic Piston - Custom-Built Cylinders

• Stages Manufacturing for Truck Hoists
• Cylinder Barrel Retubing
• Cylinder Rod Repair & Manufacturing• Chrome Plating
• Component Cylinder Parts Manufacturing

Design & Fabrication

Obtain custom-built cylinders according to your specifications for special applications with design and manufacturing from our company. Our complete machining and welding facilities enable us to return your damaged cylinders to their original condition. Save money and time by letting us fabricate repair parts or parts that are no longer manufactured or stocked.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Specialty Machine & Hydraulic Inc fully guarantees all the work we perform. We provide customers with a 90-day limited warranty. All cylinders are rigorously tested for leaks and to assure proper operation. Truck and dump trailer hoists can be fully extended on our test stand to assure proper cycling.

We are currently serving satisfied customers in the following diversified fields:

• Dump Body Manufacturers
• Truck Body Repair Shops
• Dump Truck Haulers & Contractors
• Material Handling Equipment
• Refuse Pick-up Contractors
• Heavy Construction Contractors
• Lumber Industry
• Manufacturing Industries
• Highway Departments
• Townships & Municipalities
• Independent Farmers

Contact us for experienced hydraulic cylinder repairs and quality custom-built cylinders that make your equipment like new.

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